Navigator ship supplies (India) Renders Services like supply of Provisions, Bonded Cabin, Deck, Engine, Safety Navigational Life Saving Apparatus, Fire Fighting Apparatus Items.Navigator ship supplies (India) Holds Stocks For Various Fresh , Frozen, Dry And Canned Provisions, Bonded Stores Of Reputed Local And International Brands. We Are Stockiest For Marine Gases & Chemicals, Wire & Mooring Ropes, Ship Spares In Transit Is Our Specialty.


Serivng all major and minor ports across the country with quality products and services.Navigator's Services and supplies are all done in its working style is quite different but impressive as it sets an example for others to follow.

Lending sophisticated services to the trade,the company has in its 10,000 sq.ft warehouse all kinds of imported provisions,bonded store,deck,engine,stationary,hatch sealing tapes,wilden pumps,all kinds of marine valves,ISA & FFA items and so on.Besides, Navigator is stockists for various internation brands of wire ropes,mooring ropes,marine chemicals,marine case and all kinds of ships spares.Also it renders complete services viz., motor rewinding,life rafts servicing,class certification,light & heavy repairs fabrication job at very economicaly rates.In short for all shipping needs.


Fresh/Frozen Vegetables Syrup Biscuit, Cracker Snack, Wafer
Fresh/Frozen Fruits Coffee, Cocoa, Tea Sauce and Gravy, Sauce Mix
Fresh/Frozen Fish Pasta and Noodle Seasoning and Flavor, Bouillon
Fish (Salted, Dried, Smoked) Cereals Pickles, Western & Oriental
Shell Fish/Molluscus Grains, Cake Mix Bonded Meats (Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Cured)
Meat & Meat Products, Domestic Salt and Sugar Bonded Meat Products(Ham, Bacon, Sausage)
Bread/Cake/Pastry Food Color, Essence Bonded Tinned Meat(Stabburet & Others)
Eggs, Milk, Yogurt, Ice Cream Pudding, Gelatin Bonded Tinned Fish(Stabburet & Others)
Butter, Cheese Domestic Dressing and Vinegar Bonded Fish Frozen
Oil and Fat Spices and Herbs Bonded Dairy Products


Bed Accessories Frying Pans & Cooking Pots Foils & Roll Papers
Cook & Steward Wars Roasting Pans & Mixing Bowls Cabin Cleaning Equipment
Laundry Accessories Knives Galley Cleaning Equipment
Towel & Table Linen Peelers & Scalers Rat Traps, Fly Swatters
Curtains Butcher's Gear Electrical Cooking Appliances
Gloves Sharpening Stones Home Electrical Appliances
Boots & Shoes Kitchen Utensils Cooking Machines
Rain Suits Baker & Pastry Utensils Laundry Machines
Working Cloths Squeezers and Mashers Garbage Disposers
Cutlery Korean Style Tableware Buckets & Garbage Bags
Plates & Cups Japanese Style Tableware Storage Containers
Glass Tableware Japanese Style Pans & Ladles Smoking Goods


Synthetic Mooring Rope Cargo Nets/Safety Nets Hatch Cover Parts
Mooring Links & Shackles Cargo Bags/Sling Belts Emergency Towing Arrangement
Synthetic Miscellaneous Rope Canvas Maintenance Items Paint Spray Guns and Containers
Steel Wire Rope Mallets/Spikes Paint Stirrers
Non-rotating Wire Rope Rat Guards Cleaning Gun/Air Dusters
Wire Rope for Offshore Drilling Riggers' Vises/Wire Rope Grips Paint Brushes/Paint Rollers
Major Wire Rope Specifications Fenders &Floor Brushes/Hand Brushes
Delta Filler Wire Rope Tyres/Bicycle Tubes Tube Brushes/Cup Brushes
Green Rope Hatch Wedges Brooms/Carpet Cleaners
Stainless Steel Wire Rope Scupper Plugs Vikan Brushes
Wire Rope Slings, Cable Grips Deck Coverings Dusters/Floor Cloths


Pipes Tools Rolling bearings
Hoses Steel tubes Joints
Couplings Valves Gaskets
Power tools Hand tools Cutting tools
Measuring instruments Metal sheets and bars Fasteners
Pipe & tube fittings Valves Bearings Packing & jointing
Welding equipment etc...  


Lamps Fuses Scalers/Jet Chisels
Lighting Fixtures Carbon Brushes Winches/Air Motors
Cargo Lights Cables Neoprene Rubber Buckets
Hand Lamps Cable Accessories Sand Blasters
Warning Lights Solders Tank Cleaning Machines
Flashlights Electrical Insulation Materials Vacuum Cleaners
Batteries Megaphones/Loud Speakers High Pressure Cleaners
Plugs & Receptacles Test Instruments Air Line Filters
Switches Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners Electric Hand Tools
Circuit Breakers/Transformers Pneumatic Hand Tools Scaling Machines


Laundry Soap and Detergents Misc. Cleaner and Polish Goods Distilled Water
Galley Cleaning Detergents Floor Maintenance Products Common Chemicals
Hand Cleaning Soaps and Detergents Sanitary Items Marine Maintenance Chemicals
Marine Gases Oxygen Acetylene
Freon 12 Freon 22 Nitrogen
LPG Gas    


Engines Ropes Racks
Pumps Machine Tools Marine Hardware
Air Compressors Plumbing Tools SUS Forged Flange
Refrigerating Compressors Parker Material Pipe Fittings
Oil/Fuel Purifiers Bolts Steel Materials
Steering Gears Screws Fuel Equipment
Motors Bearings Cylinders
Turbochargers Electrical Consumables Gasses
Filter Elements etc...  


Life Rafts and Life Boats Gas Detectors Smoke Detector Testers
Life Jackets/Lifebuoys Safety Lights/Signal Lamps Safety Belts
Lifeboat/Life raft Accessories Fire Hose/Fire Hose Couplings Safety Masks/Respirators
IMO Symbols/Safety Signs Fire Fighting Equipment Goggles/Ear Muffs/Helmets
Pyrotechnics Chemical Suits Work Vests/Arm Bands
Breathing Apparatus Gas Protection Suits Safety Tapes
Air Compressors Fire Extinguishers Alcohol Checkers


Notebooks/Memo Pads Tape Writers Safes
Carbon Paper Tapes Overhead Projectors (OHP)
Files/Paper Holders/Trays Tags/Labels Calculators
Paper Bags/Envelopes Wrappings/Strings Cameras
Pens/Markers Chairs Typewriters
Pencil Sharpeners Desk Accessories Copy Machines
Rubber Stamps Name Card Holders Computer and Ancillary Items
Erasers Drawing Instruments/Rulers Self Adhesive Characters
Scissors/Cutters Glue/Paper Fastening Goods Whiteboards and Accessories